August 2020 YMG

Exilator Exhaust Cleaning System Installation on 63m Superyacht Irimari completed 3rd August 2020.

Seatrail very successful finished on 4th August.

Happy Crew = Happy Owner


3 Units for the Gensets each 225 KW

in La Ciotat ( France )


An additional clean Yacht equipped with our Exilator System

on the Oceans.



July 2020  YMG

YMG Group is the official Dealer for Electric Propulsion Systems

for Boats-Yachts and also Commercial Ships.


Different options from Electric or Hybrid Propulsion available.


Own Service and Re-Build or New Build Shipyard in North Germany to convert your existing Propulsion System to Electric or Hybrid systems.

July 2020

YMG Group is the official Liontron Service Dealer for the

German PLZ Area 2 from Emden to Wismar.


All our Batteries will come with a 5 Years warranty.


Installation possible in Bremerhaven and Flensburg


We use Liontron in our Electric Propulsion Systems for Yachts

for a reliable Batterie Power when you are at sea.

July 2020 Die Neue Elling E4 in Mahagony Interior Version

Die Neue 2020 Mahagony Version der Elling E4 Ultimate ( Noch im Neubau )

The New 2020 Mahagony Version of the new E4 Ultimate
( under construction Photos )

Eine weitere E4 in Blau mit Mahagony Inneneinrichtung

June 2020 YMG Group GmbH is the New Alfastreet Marine Dealer for North Germany and Denmark.

Models from 18 to 28 foot with Cabin or Bowrider

Diesel, Gasoline, Electric Propulsion



Official Elling Yachts Partner for

Germany-Denmark-Sweden-Norway and Switzerland

CrewAgency - Yacht Management Services - YMG Secsafe

Roosstr. 60 in 8832 Wollerau ( Switzerland )

Tel. +41 44 586 7227 Office Switzerland

Mobile Germany: +49 156 78 31 33 39


YMG Group GmbH

Elling Yacht Agent Germany and Scandinavia

Representative Germany

Tel: +49 156 78 31 33 39 ( A. Bahn )


YMG Group Denmark IVS

Official Distributor for Alfastreet Marine Boats in North Germany and Denmark

Exilator - Cruising House - Karu Boats

Egebjergvej 14 in 6372 Fogderup ( Denmark )

Tel. Denmark: +45 514 964 57

Tel. Germany: +49 156 78 31 33 39


Email: Please use the Contact Button above  ( Bitte Contact oben anklicken )