Several Times we tried to find a good name for our Ships.

Should we call it Cabin Cruiser, Trawler, Semi Displacement or World Cruiser

and after many good Ideas also from our clients we found the solution:


It is simply an


45 foot E3- 49 foot E4- 65 foot E6

But what makes an Elling so unique ?

Is it the Range of around 1500 nautical miles with just 1500 Liter Diesel ?

Is it the Top Speed of around 18 knots ?

Is it because we have crossed the Atlantic Ocean with 3 Elling Yachts ?

Is it because we have one of the rare Ships that can do the Self Rightning Test successful ? 360 Turn ?

Is it the totally independent working Emergency Engine with own Batterie, Fuel Tank, Prop and Rudder ? That always takes you safe home ?

Is it that you can cruise on the European Rives to the Mediterranean Sea with only 3.40m height ?

Is it the long keel that let the Ship run like on rail tracks ?

Is it the Interior space that is bigger than on most other Yachts with 20m + lenght ?

Is it because we have the best carpenters for the Interior work ?

Is it the permanent listening to our clients and their input to the logical upgrades ?

Is it because we plan your boat together with our client ?

Is it because you will find so many small inventions in your first season that where unexpected ?

Is it because you have access to all relevant Systems just from inside the Ship ?

Is it that you feel like at home when you step on your Ship ?


YES it IS !!



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We will be there with our E4 and E6

Ishoj Yacht Show Copenhagen from 30.Aug to 2.nd Sept 2019

Click on one of the Photos above

to see the Virtual Tour

First Photos from Fredericia Show

Trip with a new E4 from the Netherlands to Denmark

We started with the delivery from a new Elling E4 in the Netherlands through the Canals to Amsterdam and than out in the Ijselmeer and again canals from Lemmer to Delfzijl and from there out to the North Sea with 100km/h wind and 3-5m Waves in February 2019.  We have never seen a boat like this that is so safe in very bad weather conditions.

After the NOK Canal crossing to Kiel we had again very bad weather on the Baltic Sea with 60km/H wind a short waves of around 2 meters.

The Elling is the best ship I have ever sailed .

See some Videos and pictures below of the Tour.

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